Join the AZ HEROES Study

If you’re interested in enrolling in the AZ HEROES Study, you can complete the Screening Form and a study team member will contact you if you are eligible. You can also contact us at 520-848-4026 or email us at and a staff member will determine your eligibility.

Screening Form

FAQs for Testing Positive

The AZ HEROES study will include participants from the following groups

  • Health care workers 
  • First responders (firefighters, other emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, law enforcement officers and corrections (such as prison and jail) officers and other personnel) 
  • Food service: grocery store workers, agriculture workers, food prep and service (delivery, table, etc.) 
  • Public and other transportation services (bus, taxi, Uber/Lyft etc.) 
  • Solid waste collectors 
  • Warehouse and delivery workers 
  • Utilities (energy, water and wastewater workers) 
  • Government and community-based services 
  • Childcare workers 
  • Group homes/day programs; disability programs 
  • IT professionals 
  • Environmental Services, Facilities Managers 
  • Educators (P-20) 
  • Front-line financial workers (bank tellers, etc.) 
  • Hospitality (hotel, etc.) workers 
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Inclusion Criteria 

  • You can participate in AZ HEROES if you are at least 18 years old and not more than 85 years old 
  • All study participants need to be working at least 20 hours per week when joining the study, and at least 50% of their job must involve activities that could bring them within 3 feet of other individuals (including members of the public, co-workers, or patients) 
  • Participants must have smartphone access or internet access 
  • All participants must have a mailing address and plan to reside in Arizona for 12 months following enrollment 

Exclusion Criteria 

  • Participating in a COVID-19 vaccine or interventional trial 
  • Working less than 30 hours per week 
  • Unwilling to provide verbal and/or electronic confirmation of consent 
  • Unwilling to self-report occupation, work responsibilities, and prior COVID-19 illness 
  • Unable to conduct study activities in English or Spanish 

All study participants will undergo weekly surveillance and self-collect a respiratory sample for COVID-19, via nasal swab, throughout the duration of the study. This testing is needed to detect when study participants are infected with COVID-19. This applies to both participants that have been infected with COVID-19 prior to the study and participants who are newly infected with COVID-19.  

All study participants will also be tested for antibodies to COVID-19 at three points in the study, once upon entering and twice at later points within a nine-month period, via blood & serum samples. The reason for this is to understand the length of time for the antibody response to COVID-19. Participants who have tested positive, via nasal swab, with new COVID-19 infection will be tested for antibodies again.   

AZ HEROES is working in coordination with the statewide AZ COVID-19 Antibody Testing Initiative (ATI) conducted by the University of Arizona. The ATI is funded by the State of Arizona to provide COVID-19 serological testing of up to 250,000 Arizonans, including healthcare care personnel, first responders and essential workers statewide. If you are interested in the Antibody Testing Initiative, visit